CancerLINC Connecting Cancer Patients to Resources & Referrals CancerLINC is a Central Virginia based non-profit that connects cancer patients and their families with legal assistance, financial and community resources. Get Help Today CancerLINC Be a Source of Hope & Strength Our staff and vast network of attorneys and financial professionals work daily to ensure that no cancer patient goes without necessary support services. Donate Today

We serve cancer patients across Central Virginia, including any patient receiving treatment through a Richmond area cancer care group or facility.  In our most recent fiscal year, CancerLINC helped 693 patients and their families with 813 legal and financial issues.  Approximately 91% of these patients live below the Federally-defined poverty level, making them eligible to receive pro bono services from at least one of the more than 200 skilled and compassionate CancerLINC volunteer professionals.  We are unique. To our knowledge, there is no other organization in the Commonwealth like CancerLINC.

Whether you’re a patient, family member, friend, caregiver, or medical provider, support is only one click away.