CancerLINC Stands in Your Corner

Ever wonder how CancerLINC can help you or a loved one? One of our clients, Bill, recently shared how CancerLINC was able to resolve a challenge with cancer that impacted his life. Here is his story.

My girlfriend, who suffered from a rare cancer, was trying to get a nonstandard treatment approved because the standard treatments had previously failed. She was having a hard time getting that approval and kept getting denied. We heard about CancerLINC from the internet and they gave us the help we needed when we felt like no one else was in our corner. Through working with CancerLINC, we were eventually able to get that nonstandard treatment approved. I feel very fortunate that CancerLINC exists and advocates for “the little guy.”

In the long haul, sadly it did not save her life, but who knows how much it may have extended it, and at that point any chance was better than none.

I just wanted to thank you, and I’m sure she would as well. God bless the work all of you do. Never forget how important it is!

I will always be grateful for the support CancerLINC provided.


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